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There are 4 days until the 2019 federal election. There has been momentum building. Candidates are hearing about and talking about a #NationalDisabilityStrategy. We want to build on that.

We want to give every leader the opportunity to express their support for the over 6.2 million Canadians with disablities. We want every leader to pledge their support to building a #BarrierFree Canada, and to start right away during the next Parliament.

We want every candidate and every leader to pledge their support behind the principle of removing barriers for every disability at every age.

It’s as simple as saying:

Our party acknowledges that there are over 6.2 million Canadians who have a disability. We believe that there needs to be a strategy to improve the services to meet the needs of all Canadians with all disabilities, and during the next term of Parliament we commit to bringing together disabled people, the provinces and territories, to build a National Disability Strategy. Let’s work together to remove the barriers impacting disabled Canadians.

Share this with your local candidates. Share this with party leaders. Share this with media.

Every Disability. Every Age. Every Need.