It’s time for all governments provincial, territorial and federal to work together to build a strategy to meet the needs of people with all disabilities at all ages and all needs.

We are asking candidates to support a National Disability Strategy that:

  • Ensures every child, youth and adult with a disability in Canada is supported and afforded equal opportunities in life.
  • Actively consults with disability self-advocacy groups to plan the National Disability Strategy with self-advocates as lead advisors of their needs in coordination with organizations who advocate for and provide services
  • De-siloizes autism and developmental disability services and fully integrate services for disabled people in the same portfolios that address other disabilities (such as employment and housing).
  • Includes supports for Service Transitions, Housing Strategy, Income Supports, Employment and Training
  • Independently collects data and studies best practices in other jurisdictions (NOT “data” by providers with a financial stake);
  • Audits all service providers and gives priority to those that support human rights, equity and self-determination—not segregation.
  • Enables Access and Accommodations for Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) and American Sign Language (ASL)
  • Presumes competence –  a person with a disability has the ability to think, learn and understand
  • Simplify and widen access to the Disability Tax Credit to support more disabled people and their families
  • Begins with a firm launch date within 100 days of this election.  It’s time.

National Disability Strategy must include specific actions not just research and ideologies.

The Time is Now

Federal and provincial governments need to work together to ensure that the needs of  children, youth and adults with all disabilities whether physical, developmental, cognitive or psychological. Disabilities such as but not limited to Down Syndrome, FASD, Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Muscular Dystrophy, Chromosome Abnormalities and many other rare and unique diagnosis. We need all election platforms to advocate for a National Disability Strategy which is inclusive of ALL disabilities.

Currently, disabled children and adults as well as their families feel ignored and forgotten. Throughout Canada, government policies and practices towards individuals with many disabilities are devastating and discriminatory. Unnecessary barriers to supports need to be removed to allow disabled people of all ages and all disabilities the opportunity to thrive.

In the 2019 federal election, we need campaigns to ensure every child, youth and adult with a disability in Canada is supported and afforded equal opportunities in life. We want candidates to advocate and be a champion for a National Disability Strategy where no one will be left behind.  The time is now to unite and support the entire disability community to achieve a barrier free Canada. It’s Time.

Every Disability.  Every Age. Every Need.

It’s Time.


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  1. Barry Stanley

    Please give an example of “segregation”. What group would not receive priority under this national strategy?

  2. Colleen Frankovich

    What a wonderful initiative to invest in to begin demonstrating what working across party lines for the greater good of Canadians means. Let’s see it happen!

  3. Barry Stanley

    More clarification is required about the listed strategies

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