Every Disability. Every Age. Every Need.
It's Time.

Disability Advocates across Canada want a National Disability Strategy

Our Joint Statement

It’s time for all governments provincial, territorial and federal to work together to build a strategy to meet the needs of people with all disabilities at all ages and all needs.

We are asking candidates to support a National Disability Strategy

In the 2019 federal election, we need campaigns to ensure every child, youth and adult with a disability in Canada is supported and afforded equal opportunities in life. We want candidates to advocate and be a champion for a National Disability Strategy where no one will be left behind. The time is now to unite and support the entire disability community to achieve a barrier free Canada. It’s Time.


Individuals and Organizations calling for a #NationalDisabilityStrategy

If your organization has a statement affirming a National Disability Strategy, please email us at strategy@nationaldisabilitystrategy.ca

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Every Disability. Every Age. Every Need.