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It’s 2019 and as Canadian citizens, we really need to look hard at the question “Should we as a society work to remove barriers and meet the needs of disabled individuals?”  

If the answer is yes, the next question is “Can we remove these barriers and how?”  

Then we ask “Who is responsible for the barriers and what changes need to be made at their level?”  

This leads us to the question of sustainability “How much will these changes cost and who will pay for it?”   

This is what a National Disability Strategy should do.  We need to look broadly at disability in our country and the barriers at home, at school, at work and in the community that exist. 

If we as a society decide that yes, we need to remove barriers, all those with disabilities including autistic children and adults, will have their lives greatly improved.

To build a #BarrierFree Canada by 2030, we need to start now. We need to gather federal, provincial & territorial governments to address the barriers that exist in our country. There are 6.2 Million Canadians with a disability, and disability advocacy groups and individuals across Canada are saying Its Time for a #NationalDisabilityStrategy